Mission and Goals

AIDS Awareness, White House

Mission Statement

ATAC (AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition) is a national coalition of AIDS activists—many living with HIV/AIDS. We work together to end the AIDS epidemic by advancing research on HIV.


1a. To encourage greater and more effective involvement of people with HIV/AIDS in the decisions that affect their lives by identifying, mentoring and empowering treatment activists in all communities affected by the epidemic.

1b. To develop within all communities affected by HIV/AIDS and related coinfections the leadership to provide the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for improved research, treatment and access to care.

2. To enable treatment activists to speak with a united, powerful voice to provide meaningful input into issues concerning HIV disease and related complications and coinfections.

3. To facilitate communications and set agenda items:

  • a. between HIV/AIDS treatment activists and government, industry and academia in matters affecting research, treatment and access.
  • b. among HIV/AIDS treatment activists and the larger HIV community in keeping up to date with the latest developments in research, treatment and access